Hey Assholes

Hey Assholes: This blog is dead because mark ass google is trying to shyloc me out of more money for server space and I'm too lazy to delete all my old photos. Get at me on the links below to BUY or WORSHIP. I don't want to meet any new dudes or toy writers unless you have some money for me. Remember: If you aren't part of the SOLUTION you are the goddamn PROBLEM.


Bad Debt

BAD DEBT started as a conversation with a Shylock (no anti semite) at a collection agency.  They were upset about some bad bills when I informed them that I had created paintings on their collection notices and was attempting to sell them at face value.  It made the dude on the phone laugh so I figured why the hell not.  If you know any rich uncles who like lofty conceptual art please forward them to www.jfloodart.com/shop